Sony RM-X7BT In-Car NFC Bluetooth Hands Free Smartphone Remote Controller


UPC/EAN: 4548736035263

USD $75.99

Brand: Sony

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Using a USB lighter adapter and your stereo's 3.5mm aux input, you can hear everything from your phone through the crystal-clear glory of your car's sound system. More importantly, though, you can answer calls, change music tracks and even use voice control services - all without touching a single button on your device.

The RM-X7BT gives you a convenient remote you can place anywhere that sports intuitive controls for making volume control, voice control, and track-skipping quick and easy. After your first ride with this nifty Sony creation, you'll wonder how you got along so long without it.

While the included multi-function remote can be mounted wherever you need it, voice control makes smartphone integration even more convenient in the car. If you own an Android device, download Sony's free accompanying app for souped-up voice control over phone functions like calling and navigation as well as read-out functionality for texts and social media alerts. If you're an iPhone user, the RM-X7BT lets you take full advantage of the Siri Eyes Free functionality you know so well.

Be sure your vehicle features an AUX input in addition to a 12-volt power source. Plug in the RM-X7BT's car power plug/USB cable, connect its audio cable into your radio's AUX input port, set the radio source to AUX, pair the system with your phone (using NFC pairing in compatible phones), and you're ready for hands-free calls and music streaming.

Simply touch your NFC-enabled smartphone to the N mark on the receiver and enjoy taking calls and listening to music through your car's speakers. If your device doesn't support NFC, though - you can still pair via Bluetooth, which is supported by virtually every device on the market.

1. Voice control
2. Easy Bluetooth connectivity with NFC one-touch
3. Intuitive keypad for easy music playback
4. Simple set up via USB and AUX input
5. Controls Siri-compatible iPhones with Siri Eyes Free

Please note: this product utilises your car's existing 3.5mm aux input. Please check your car has this capability before purchasing.